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Effective Ant Control

Ant infestation is a very common pest problem. Ants can enter through the tiniest cracks in their search of moisture and food, and cause damage to your home or office. If ants are invading your home, control the infestation quickly by calling the experts at Petty Pest Control. We use the latest ant control products and methods to keep your property free of ants.

Convenient pest solutions

Choose from monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service to rid your property of ants and other pests. Pick the option that suits your schedule, and we'll take care of your pests!


Tough ant problems require professional treatment. We know ants and how to control them. Eliminate your ant infestation by calling Petty Pest Control today!

Found in shallow nests in soil under stones, wood,

or debris.

Most common in Southern California. Found underneath concrete slabs and follow plumbing into your home.

Found in household structures such as walls and cabinets.

Odorous house ants

Argentine ants

Pharaoh ants

Carpenter ants

Fire ants

Thief ants

Found outside on tree stumps, firewood piles, or fence posts.

Found in small mounds of loose soil near moisture.

Found outside in soil under rocks or rotting wood.

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